Attached to the house, in the typical French longère style, is the main barn. This is in two sections.

Large double doors (with a pedestrian insert) open into a full height section measuring about 3.3m x 7.9 m. This space is large enough to use as a garage for a full size car, or for tractor and machinery storage. A small rear door leads to the lawn behind the house.

Steps lead up to first floor hay storage space, which is part boarded, over the second part of the barn, which measures about 8.1m x 7.9m.

The ground floor of this section has a brick floor and was originally used for livestock. Some of the original hay-racks remain. We used some of this space for llamas, and some for a small tractor and a range of other machinery. Two small doors lead to the rear grassed area, and on through gates to the two upper fields.

Attached to the barn is a lean-to, containing two spaces which are suitable for use as stables (we used one of them for llamas). They both have doors into the rear grassed area and on through gates into the two upper fields.

For a while, we partitioned the rear grassed area with electric fencing. This allowed the barn and lean-to stables each to have independent access to one the upper fields. This enabled us to have two separated groups of llamas, each with a field and free access to shelter, which was useful for breeding purposes.


About 20 metres from the house is an open-sided steel-framed building which we have used to store a caravan, various pieces of equipment, and often our Land Rover.


In the front yard, there is a concrete shed which we use mainly for storing wood and gardening materials.

To one side of the yard, there is a small group of stone/block sheds. We have used one to store a trailer and some tractor attachments. Another was our hen house – and we erected a low fence in front of it for the occasions when we wanted to keep the chickens confined (generally they have had free access to all the land during daytime).

There is a further part derelict group of sheds behind the house. We used one of these as a pig house, and it would still be suitable for this. A further open sided shed could be brought back into use for its former purpose of log storage.